The Best of the Best of 2015 Lists

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As the year draws to a close, we’ll be seeing more and more Best of 2015 lists. I’ve actually come across some pretty cool ones already,  so I thought I’d share. Check them out!

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  9. Best in Beauty 2015 – Award Winning Beauty Products, Allure Magazine
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How about you? What are your favourite moments of 2015?

KiWi’s Christmas Wishlist

Most men are probably already into their Christmas Shopping frenzy, however, for those still stuck on what to get for that special lady in their life, I’ve put together a collection of the most perfect gifts for me… I mean her!

  1. These super stylish headphones handcrafted with genuine leather and rich gold details are perfect for a music lover. Their sound is amazing and the price isn’t bad either.
    .gold black headphones
  2. Silver utensils are so yesterday… This 24-carat electroplated stainless steel setting is perfect for her holiday dinner but sturdy enough for her to use everyday.giftguide - elm
  3. Subscriptions boxes are great gifts that keep giving and giving and giving all year long. If you’re shopping for the ultimate naturalista, the Curlbox is a must!
  4. A print made by Made By Girl (I promise i didn’t stutter) is the perfect addition to her gallery wall and will definitely make her
  5. Jewellery is always the way to a woman’s heart but these phoenix wing ear cuffs will sweep her off her feet.BaubleBarEarrings
  6. A timeless tweed trench is a classic gift for the classic woman.
  7. And finally, a gift you both can enjoy!

Giving Thanks… Even If It’s Not a Holiday


For years I contemplated keeping a gratitude journal. A gratitude journal is a way to make sure that I take the time to acknowledge and appreciate all of the little glimmers of light that I encounter each and every day.

My girl Oprah was the first to tell me about it… Yes I said “my girl” Oprah… Doesn’t everyone believe they have a personal relationship with the big O? Anyhow, according to Oprah, if you are:

“… thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.” 

The older I get, the more I recognize that I have so much to be thankful for; an amazing family, lifelong friends and even when I’m going through the storm, I can still be thankful for the the smile of a stranger or the smell of the peonies. That’s what I want to concentrate on; however, the key is to be consistent. So after much over-consideration , I decided to finally start my journal. And I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they got an app for that! Because life can get so busy, the Gratitude Journal 365 is ideal for me; it’s  really simple and it’s super easy to record and reflect on my day. When you really think about it, should we be  waiting around for the next birthday or big holiday to celebrate and to appreciate what we have? Rather, I think we should be thankful and celebrate everyday! So who’s going to join me?

Yes! Paris Is As Fabulous As You Think It Is!

I finally made it to Paris and quickly discovered that it’s everything that I thought it would be and more!

The Sweetest Thing

If you know me at all, then you know that I love pastries; cupcakes, cakes, cookies, croissants… well you get the gist. Going to Paris was like dying and waking up in pastry heaven! My first taste of a Parisian macaroon had me really questioning if I’ve ever had a macaroon before. They’ve really mastered the art of pastry; the perfect combination of flavour with just the right amount of sweet…but not too sweet. Any visit to Paris would not be complete without a stop at Laduree Paris!

Mon Amour

Paris is often referred to as the City of Love and it’s not hard to see why. It provides one romantic setting after another. Whether you’re walking along the Seine River, dining at a cafe, visiting the Eiffel tower or just listening to a Frenchman as he gives you directions to the subway. Everything about Paris just oozes romance.

Art is Life

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Taking the Leap

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Everyone has at least one thing that they’ve always wanted to do but keep  putting off. It could be because life happens and you can’t seem to find the time, you have an underlying fear of failure or simply because it’s not Monday (The only day of the week that you could possibly start something new  ;-).  Well I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that I actually have several items on my todo list and, with the start of this blog, I’m happily checking off one. Hopefully you’ll be inspired to check off one of yours.

Welcome to Forever Kiwi!